Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2018

Former Director Office Intellectual Property: Pay for playing music is basically negotiating

SluisWILLEMSTAD - Composers, writers of song lyrics and musicians have the right to charge money if their music is played somewhere and also if it is played on the radio.

It is not an obligation that they do that, but it is very common in this world that music rights are paid even though radio stations are not used to that. It is almost as usual that these artists are represented by an organization that arranges the payment of such rights.

Through the law firm David Kock, the radio stations in Curacao have now also been approached with the announcement that the system of payment for music will become reality here in the near future. The law firm has informed the owners of the stations of this by means of a letter, they are also invited for an interview with the lawyer. The radios have to pay a fixed amount each month for playing music.

According to the former director of the Office Intellectual Property Junny Sluis, paying for music on the radio always involves an agreement that has to be concluded.

Sluis has nothing to do with the collection of the rights, but from a conversation he had with David Kock he states that there is indeed room for negotiation about the amount to be paid.

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