Published On: Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Former employees want bankruptcy Tiara Air

Tiara AirORANJESTAD - A group of seven former employees of Tiara Air Aruba has asked the court to declare the airline bankrupt. This was reported by the Aruban news site NoticiaCla.

Like InselAir, Tiara Air has money stuck in Venezuela. It is a bit less than InselAir, about 20 million dollars, but it is much needed to keep the company operating. According to Tiara Air if the court declares the company bankrupt that money in Venezuela will be lost.

The former employees say that the airlines currently does get money but they don’t use it to pay old salaries.

Tiara Air is not flying anymore. The company lost its so-called Aircraft Operating Certificate. They judge will rule on November 28.

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