Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Former students facing major debt problems

studentsWILLEMSTAD - Several former students are up to their necks with money problems because of the debt they have accumulated at DUO and / or the Curacao Student Foundation (SSC). Because the organizations hardly cooperate with each other and to communicate with DUO is difficult, some people are paying more than they can afford. This is according to a report from the Caribbean Network.

The Marilyn Alcala-Walle Foundation wants the Dutch Remediation Natural Persons Act to be applied in Curaçao also. “Through this act, not only companies may be declared bankrupt, but also individuals”

“A former student with a high debt can do nothing in Curacao: buy a home or start their own businesses,” Alcala-Walle indicated. By introducing the Remediation Natural Persons Act, a student who is deeply in debt could pay through a number of years, after which he or she can start with a clean slate.

Since early this year, Hensley Koeiman MP is involved in the foundation. Alcala Walle hopes he can help with the implementation of this law. “Koeiman can raise the issue in parliament and motivate the MPs to make decisions related to debt issues.” Former students in the Netherlands and in Curacao are waiting for the MPs to act. “DUO knows the stories of the students and is willing to seek solutions. They only await the input of the Curaçao Minister of Education.”

DUO and the former Minister of Education Rubia Bitorina reached a common position in August of last year. Bitorina resigned and was replaced by interim Prime Minister and Ivar Asjes. Since last month Irene Dick was appointed as Minister of Education.

Image credit: Nieuws360

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