Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Fritsma MP considers bill proposal expulsion Antilleans not hopeless

Sietse FritsmaTHE HAGUE - The Dutch Member of Parliament for PVV Sietse Fritsma considers his initiative bill to return criminal Antilleans to the Caribbean after serving their sentence not hopeless. The plenary treatment of the controversial 'expulsion law' starts Thursday.

The political factions will then have the opportunity to ask questions to Fritsma and his co-petitioner Machiel de Graaf. Minister Mark Halbers of Justice and Security and Undersecretary Raymond Knops of the Interior and Kingdom Relations are present on behalf of the government.

“It will be a question of whether we get a majority behind the bill. I assume that the VVD is in favor, in view of the Bosman law that has been so torpedoed. It is almost impossible for the CDA to be against it; otherwise, they have fooled their voters. The Verdonkwet was withdrawn by the Balkenende IV Cabinet at the time because it would solve the problem in a different way, including through prevention,” says Fritsma.

The CDA party had the time, but the problem of the overrepresentation of Antilleans in crime statistics is still there. Nothing has been done or it has not worked. The improvement promised by the CDA did not come about. Promise makes a debt so if the CDA takes responsibility, they will vote in favor of our bill. If SGP and the Forum for Democracy also do the same, we have a majority. Then we do not even need 50PLUS for it,” said Fritsma.

By Rene Zwart

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