Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Fuel, water and electricity increase in price in July, propane gas remains the same

gasoline1WILLEMSTAD - On July 3, next Tuesday, the rates of fuel will be adapted. Gasoline goes up in price per liter at the pump. From about 1.98 guilders to more than 2.05 guilders. Diesel rises sharply in price: from 1.40 guilders to more than 1.52 guilders.

Propane gas remains the same in price, for the content of a large cylinder still 65 guilders have to be paid, for a small cylinder of 13 guilders. Then water and electricity. The rates change as usual per the 1st of the month, so next Sunday.

For the basic household rate of electricity, currently more than 49 cents per KiloWatt Hour is being paid, next week it will be nearly 52 cents. The household basic consumption of water - up to and including 9 cubic meters - now costs a small 7.50 guilders per cubic meter, will be more than 7.56 guilders next week. All rates go up, except for propane gas.

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