Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2012

Full scale emergency drill carried out at the airport on Friday November 23rd

WILLEMSTAD - All airports have to be well prepared for accidents. According to international and national standards, it is mandatory to have a full emergency exercise every two years.

For this reason, a simulation of an emergency will be carried out at Curacao HATO airport on upcoming Friday November 23rd.The exercise will be carried out under the coordination of CAP from 10 a.m. until 12.00 noon.

This year’s exercise is called DEEMEX 2012 (Double Evacuation Emergency Exercise.)

It includes a simulation of an aircraft parked at a passenger loading bridge. During the boarding process an explosion occurs in the compartment below the cockpit, resulting in the evacuation of the aircraft as well as parts of the terminal building. There are approximately 125“passengers” involved.

The exercise simulates the whole incident chain from the accident to the rescue, evacuation, medical attention and passenger treatment. All involved organizations like CAP, Forward Operation Location (FOL), FKA (former CEMS), Red Cross, CITRO, Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), DC-ANSP (former NAATC), SEHOS, Korps Politie Curaçao, Curacao Airline Association, the Curacao Fire department and other relevant government entities will participate in this exercise. In order not to obstruct the exercise, CAP requests the public’s cooperation and refrain from coming to the airport to watch the exercise. It is very difficult to see the exercise from the airport parking lot or the terminal.

This is a routine exercise in order to verify the procedures and to ensure the preparedness of all organization involved in aircraft accidents. It will be evaluated after the exercise and proposals for further improvements will be presented. The normal operation of the airport will not be disturbed. All flights will be handled normally.

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