Published On: Fri, Feb 22nd, 2013

Gelt Dekker: Closing Retreat by inspector Huurman

dekker_0WILLEMSTAD – According to Jacob Gelt Dekker, owner of Kura Hulanda Lodge at West Point, it was Health Inspector Huurman’s fault for the closing of the Jellinek Retreat which is adjacent to the lodge. Jellinek is now considering legal action against the health inspector, according to Gelt Dekker. Jellinek is a luxury rehab retreat.

Inspector Huurman is, according to Gelt Dekker, personally liable for the closure of the clinic. Huurman said in response that the clinic was in serious offense, but that they themselves have decided to stop. The reasons given were the radically changes in the market conditions. Labor members of the Second Chamber in the Dutch Parliament have raised questions about the state of affairs at Jellinek Retreat to the Dutch Minister Edith Schippers. They ask her if predecessor Liesbeth Spies has misled the House about the situation at the clinic.

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