Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2013

GGD withholds information on fluoride

fluoride-water-1WILLEMSTAD – “A bunch of amateurs.” This is how the founder of the Anti-Fluoride Committee, Rudolf de Wit calls the members of Parliament who recently met to talk the abolishing of fluoride in drinking water The delegation was given a presentation by the Public Health Service (GGD) which, according to De Wit was incomplete.

"GGD referred to a report on fluoride from 2011," says De Wit. "This report shows clear evidence that the Government should stop adding fluoride in drinking, but nothing was said about this."

The GGD is the entity which should inform the Ministry of Health about the effects of fluoride in our drinking water. "I think the MP’s know that information was being withheld, but they are afraid of losing face. When fluoride is finally out of the water, they should explain to the people why this is happening only now. This is a difficult step."

According De Wit the support from the government was bigger a few months. "Helmin Wiels has given me his blessing and told me to continue. This is exactly what we will do. Maybe the government wants this to bleed and die, but I will not let that happen. We will continue. "

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