Published On: Tue, Jun 10th, 2014

Government’s inaction on refinery’s emissions

oil refineryWILLEMSTAD - According to Arjan Linthorst of environmental organization SMOC, the government is not acting on emissions from the Isla oil refinery. “There is a failure in interpretation on the government’s side for the purpose of public information,” Linhorst said.

According to the environmental organization, the government would have to take a proactive stance with regard to information on sulfur dioxide emissions from the refinery. “The refinery emits levels of sulfur dioxide, which is above 500 micrograms per m3 of air. This is too high,” Linhorst indicated. SMOC has enforced transparency on this matter through the court and the refinery has to publish this information regularly.


"In the Netherlands, the public is informed via Teletext. Like SMOC and the WHO, the Dutch government believes that levels of sulfur dioxide above 500 micrograms per m3 air are 'serious'. Oddly enough the Kingdom Government doesn’t find this serious enough to enact Article 43 of the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands affairs, to put things in order in Curacao.”

According to the environmental organization under, it is highly necessary that the government takes a different position and gives the people what they are entitled to, which is adequate information.

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