Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2015

Green Force and Selikor join forces

accu2WILLEMSTAD - Green Force and garbage disposal company Selikor to cooperate in the field of battery recycling. This was reported by the environmental organization. Selikor has called in the help of Green Force to recycle the old batteries from the company.

Green Force buys old batteries in order to process them in an environmentally friendly way, get rid of chemicals and export them. In May the company exported a container with 22,000 kilos accu1of batteries. Through the initiative, both companies hope to give a signal: “One does not always have to wait for the government to do something good for the people and nature.”

The environmental organization calls on all the companies and people who have old batteries to bring them to Green Force so they can be recycled. “We make sure that this is done in the proper way. We have a collection point in the heart of Saliña at ZAP Batteries. Here we also pay for batteries old cars, boats and motorcycles.

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