Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Green Force cleans up Boca Grandi

Plastic-bottles-greenforceWILLEMSTAD - Environment and recycling company Green Force, together with a small group of volunteers, has cleaned up the beach and bay of Boca Grandi. There were 4 x 60-gallon waste bags filled with waste.

Following an on-the-spot analysis by the environmental company, it has been found that most of the waste originates from Curaçao.

“Based on found brands and type of packaging, we can conclude that most of the waste contained therein is of Curaçao soil. And that's a pity because it is again clear that the mentality about the environment and conservation of our nature is not yet in place for some people,” said Timo Brouwer, owner of Green Force.

According to Brouwer, it was a spontaneous cleanup.

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