Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2012

Grüning leaves Curacao Intelligence Services

WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad reports that Carl Grüning has decided on his own and for personal reasons to resign from the guiding committee working on the Curacao Intelligence Services (VDC). That is a (new) setback for the service, which had to endure many hardships during the last two years, which started around 10 -10 - '10 with the much discussed and controversial "screening" of the ministerial team of former Premier Schotte (MFK) and then it experienced another low with the so-called operational shutdown of the VDC early May 2012 by same former head of Government. With the shutdown, the staff was sent home and had to be available on call, there was a reorganization or restructuring process put in motion under leadership of crisis manager Michael Römer, with support from a supervisory committee containing the former head of the Intelligence Netherlands Antilles (VNA) Wim Statius Muller, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Maria Liberia-Peters and Carl. Now it appears that Grüning has resigned from the committee. That happened last month, on November 6, 2012. As an (unpaid) member he announced to the Minister of General Affairs, Stanley Betrian, which is also the interim Prime Minister, that he will resign.

This has never been officially reported but trustworthy sources report this. Grüning himself confirms his resignation “for personal reasons” but does not wishes to say more. According to different sources, Grüning resignation is in connection with the constant criticism he personally received from Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels (previously leader the second largest government party of the Schotte cabinet and the party that won the most seats and is preparing to form a transitional Government) on Grünings role as one of the two legal advisors to Governor Frits Goedgedrag. The now former Governor had advisors to assist him in connection with the impasse between the former Parliament (Before the elections of October 19) and later dismissed Schotte’s Government which consisted of the political parties MFK, PS and MAN). This Government did not enjoy the confidence of a majority in parliament and was then succeeded by the current Interim Government headed by Prime Minister Stanley Betrian.

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