Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

Guyana team for Curacao over gold heist

WILLEMSTAD - Stabrook news reports that the Ministry of Natural Resources will soon dispatch a team to the Dutch island of Curacao to launch an investigation of its own to ascertain if the over 400 lbs of gold stolen during a heist on Friday originated from Guyana.

A source close to the investigation in Guyana told Stabroek News that while they are not ruling out that the gold could have originated from Suriname there is little belief that it did since the royalties paid on gold in that country are less than what it is in Guyana.

There is speculation that some of the gold might have been smuggled from Guyana to the neighbouring Dutch island and mixed with legitimate gold and then exported.

Guyanese officials believe that the name of the vessel , `Summer Bliss’, is not a legitimate one  and that the vessel’s name was changed for its smuggling purpose.  The crew of the vessel is Guyanese.

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