Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013

Hospital is temporary boost

Chamber of CommerceWILLEMSTAD - The Chamber of Commerce argues that the construction of the new hospital is only a temporary boost to the economy of Curaçao.

“The debate on the importance of a new hospital on the economy takes away from the discussion about the economic policy. The economic importance of the hospital as an investment project is real, but not as great as is generally believed,” said Billy Jonckheer, President of the Chamber of Commerce.

“The total investment of between 350 and 400 million guilders will largely go abroad to acquire knowledge and to import equipment. It is important that on the long-term the hospital in Curaçao can attract new knowledge-intensive sectors and lead to the mastery of the excessively high cost of health care, "says Jonckheer.

He believes that during the debate on a new hospital it was overlooked that the Curaçao economy is not only faced with skyrocketing costs, but is also in a transitional phase, which means that the reinforcement of the traditional pillars of the economy is no longer sufficient. We must develop economic activities or sectors which are further away from the traditional pillars, if we want to grow and keep the state of the art facilities, which we are accustomed to maintain."

Jonckheer argues that the economic and social future of Curaçao needs a socio-economic agenda in which commitments can be made with regards to economy and security with respect to social development and protection. ,, Therefore, the available resources are used for very specific jobs, the socio-economic infrastructure and to upgrade the economy with a strong rebound signal, the upward push, from where Curacao has been stuck now for quite some time. It is about trust and stability in the future. "

When making a choice concerning the construction of a new hospital, according Jonckheer, it should not be forgotten that the issue of funding goes beyond the question of completely public or public/private financing.

The Chamber states that uncertainty persists concerning the financial settlement of the Usona trajectory, but also the operating losses of the Sehos.

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