Published On: Thu, Nov 13th, 2014

Hotel Plaza seized by Tax Collector and Social Insurance Bank

plaza-hotel-curacaoWILLEMSTAD – The Director of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), Phillip Martis confirms that the Hotel Plaza, located in the heart of downtown Punda was seized by the Tax Collector and the SVB for outstanding debts. Chairman of the trade union Horecaf, Kenneth Valpoort said that it’s a serious situation and that he’s worried about the jobs at the hotel. “The hotel employs about 50 people and the casino about thirty,” the union leader said. If the hotel doesn’t pay on time, it will be declared bankrupt.

According to SVB’s Deputy Director, François Simon, reports that the SVB has been very lenient towards the Hotel Plaza, but the hotel has not complied with its financial obligations. “When the hotel was taken over by the current owners, this was done under the obligation that the old, already outstanding liabilities of the Metro Group would be repaid. That debt now amounts to about 3.6 million guilders and this is because they have these old debts, which have not been repaid,” says Simon.

Simon argues that they have been preparing for the seizure for quite some time now and that the auction date has been postponed several times after new payment arrangements. The hotel management has repeatedly failed to fulfill its obligations. “Unfortunately we cannot continue like this. We’ve always tried to make arrangements with the hotel. We even spoke with them yesterday,” the SVB official said.

Simon confirms that the auction date is scheduled for December 8. "They have now until next Monday the time to make a payment. We are open for conversation and will postpone the auction date if they come to a payment arrangement whereby they immediately pay a deposit and make arrangements for the current liabilities. This is a requirement since the issue has been playing since 2010 and at one point we cannot continue with our leniency,” said the SVB Deputy Director.

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