Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2012

In his efforts to remove Curacao of Brazilian Blacklist, Minister Hakim leaves no stone unturned

BRASILIA - In his efforts to remove Curacao of Brazilian Blacklist, Minister Hakim leaves no stone unturned

This week Minister Hakim met with leading politician in Brazil, formar President Mr. Lula da Silva, to get Curacao of the Brazilian Black List

For years, Curacao has been on the Brazilian Blacklist, meaning basically that Curacao is unable to engage in business opportunities with Brazil, the largest Economy in Latin America.

Minister El Hakim has since 10-10-10 considered our new status as country Curacao, as a great opportunity to remedy this issue. He indicates that: "The removal of Curacao from the Brazilian Blacklist is considered a high priority, as this will enable our International Financial Services sector to gain access to this big market, stimulating growth in the export of services and the attraction of Brazilian businesses and investments. Curacao has been waiting years for this breakthrough. Thousands of highly skilled jobs depend on this."

The Minister has therefore, assembled a commission with members from the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance and CIFA to pursue the removal of Curacao from the Brazilian Blacklist.  This has proven challenging and has up to now progressed slowly on a technical level while the commission is still in communication with the Receita Federal (federal taxes) in this regard.


Meeting with former President of Brazil Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva

To speed up the removal of Curacao from the black list, Minister Hakim decided to pursue a political approach through Ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is a highly influential Brazilian leader that Minister Hakim knows personally, in order for him to exert his political influence to facilitate in resolving the blacklisting issue swiftly. The Minister and Mr. Lula met in a private setting where Minister Hakim elaborated on the compliance of Curacao in order to be removed from the list.

Ex President Lula was impressed with Minister Hakim's dedication to solve the issue and promised to take this matter up with the relevant authorities in order to reach a conclusion in the advantage of Curacao as soon as possible.

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