Published On: Thu, Oct 18th, 2012

Independence or Autonomous Status within the Kingdom

WILLEMSTAD - During the last two months eight political battled for the 21 seats in parliament. A main topic during this election period was if Curacao should either choose for Independence from the Netherlands or stay as an Autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom.

Every political party has their own view on this topic:

“Partido Nashonal di Pueblo” (PNP): No, not yet. We still have much to do with our own economic and social structure. Countries seek each other to become stronger. If we are independent, we must work together with other countries, while we already have a strong bond within the Kingdom. We are independent, we can do many things on our own. For PNP, the independence of the island is not even mentioned. "

“Partido pa Adelanto i Inovashon Soshal” (PAIS): "No, we are not yet prepared for independence. We must first give substance to our current status and then we can stand on our own two feet."

“Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di mei” (FOL): "Curaçao is not ready for independence. We must first prepare well and then submit it to the people through a referendum."

“Democrat/Laboral”: "Each country will eventually be independent, that is our ultimate goal. But we must be well prepared. Curaçao has opted for an autonomous status, with a view to independence. It depends on the situation in our country, the mental readiness of the population and social conditions of the moment to choose to move to independence. "

“Partido Alternativa Real” (PAR): "We do not believe in Independence. We believe in cooperation with the Kingdom and strong ties with the Netherlands. Curaçao must be self-reliant but leaning on each other. This promotes the welfare and prosperity of our people. "

“Movimentu Futuro Korsou” (MFK): Was not available for comment but in one of their last press conferences, former Prime Minister and leader of the party declared that if they form a government they will abolish the post of Governor of Curacao which could mean a move to independence.

“MAN”: "The people of Curaçao have opted in a referendum for an autonomous Curaçao within the Kingdom. The people will decide on a constitutional structure for Curaçao in a new referendum. "

“Pueblo Soberano” (PS): "We are in favor of responsible independence. It is a process: we must first put things in order. Curacao must have a healthy economy. Medium-sized enterprises should be encouraged on a regular basis to exports products from Curacao. Within ten years Curaçao must become independent. "

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