Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

InselAir changes some flights due to storm

InselWILLEMSTAD – The local aviation company InselAir is monitoring the Tropical Storm Matthew in case it has to make some changes in its schedule. This is the current update:

Flights to / from St. Maarten and Santo Domingo

The flight Curacao - St. Maarten / St. Maarten - Santo Domingo and vice versa will be operated today as follows: Curacao - St. Maarten / St. Maarten - Santo Domingo / Santo Domingo - Curacao. This means that the flight Santo Domingo - St. Martin and St. Maarten - Curacao will be canceled. The reason for this is that the outbound flight can still be operated before the flight, but not the return flight. The flights will be resumed after the storm.

Flights to / from Bonaire

InselAir expects that after 15:00 today not to be able to operate more flights to / from Bonaire. The flights will only be resumed after the storm.

Alternate airports

Given the expected path of the storm, InselAir expects that it may not be able to use the usual alternate airports on Aruba and Bonaire. This means that if necessary the aircraft should be diverted to alternative places in Venezuela, this will be Caracas and Valencia. In this case, InselAir will provide transport, accommodation, and food and drink for its passengers.

Amended timetable

InselAir will adjust the schedule if needed during the day based on the direction and development of the Tropical Storm Matthew. Passengers will be informed about the status of their flight (s) via phone, email, text messaging and in person at the airport. There is a current overview of the status of all flights available on InselAir’s website.

Passenger safety

Depending on the development and path of the Tropical Storm Matthew, InselAir takes into account, in extreme cases to halt the entire operation until further notice. This in favor of the safety of its passengers, personnel, and airplanes. Despite the fact that, in aviation terms, this is an "Act of God", the airline will do its utmost to provide transportation to their final destination for all its passengers as soon as possible. Safety is always, but especially in this situation, first.

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