Published On: Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

InselAir promises support to sacked employees

maintenance-8161WILLEMSTAD – In an internal memo, the aviation company InselAir promises support to the employees who will not continue working for the airline.

The airline indicates that, although very regretfully, the steps that they are undertaking are critical to ensuring the aviation company’s position in the Pan-American skies and to create a stable and solid organization for all our stakeholders, including the dedicated employees that remain at the organization.

“We fully acknowledge and understand that this must be a turbulent and unpleasant period for you. However, we do hope that in the light of a prosperous future for all of us, in which you will play an important role, you will acknowledge, trust and understand our decisions. And, as 2017 is approaching, we invite you to work together with us, your team and colleagues to build a stronger and better InselAir. We need everybody and everyone to create and sustain an empowering and dynamic company culture, based on the core values that we cherish: safe, reliable, ambitious and responsible,” said the company in their statement to the employees.

The airline also indicates in its letter that employees that are not able to be guaranteed a position within the new company structure will be fully supported by the Human Resources Department and will also be assisted in finding a new position at another organization.

Click on the link for the internal memo.


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