Published On: Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

InselAir’s CFO: “InselAir’s 100M claim in Venezuela is real”

Parliament4WILLEMSTAD – In his dissertation during yesterday’s central committee meeting of parliament, InselAir’s Chief Financial Officer Andre Delger said that the company’s claim in Venezuela is real. On the website of the Venezuelan currency exchange agency (CADIVI) it can be seen that the claim is real, according to Delger.

Member of Parliament for Pueblo Soberano (PS), Sherwin Leonora asked to see the documents that state that there is a sum of 100 million guilders in ticket sales stuck in Venezuela.

Delger indicated that if the go on CADIVI’s website they can see this. He also said that he will send the MP more information and proof about that debt. In the business plan for the airline, this debt was not incorporated. The airline really needs the money but the new management is not counting on it.

In his presentation to Parliament, Etienne Ys said that there are outstanding amounts in Venezuela. He specifically stated in the presentation that as of 2014 no permission has been granted from the Venezuelan Government to exchange in USD and transfer to Curaçao, and is awaiting the approval of Public Credit of Venezuela. Ys also said that the investment of the outstanding amounts is under investigation.

InselAir requested the assistance of legal councilors in Venezuela and they confirmed that InselAir’s claim is valid and it is very significant. Delger believes that seeing the political situation in Venezuela and the crisis, he doesn’t think that the airline will receive those funds anytime soon.

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