Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2013

Insurers request adjustments

WILLEMSTAD – Richeline Martina-Joe, chairman of the CBIA reported that private insurers, recently united in the CBIA (Curaçao and Bonaire Insurance Association), sent a letter to the Council of Ministers, requesting a meeting with Minister of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN), Ben Whiteman (PS) and Minister of Finance, Jose Jardim, on the basic medical insurance. The private insurers are concerned because several promises were made with the National Dialogue that weren’t included in the national regulation adopted yesterday. A motion that was adopted yesterday with the approval of the national regulation mentioned that any adjustments are to be made within three months after the deliberation with the social partners. “We do indeed request deliberation on repair legislation as soon as possible”, said Martina-Joe. For the most part CBIA doesn’t have any objection to increasing the premium level to 150,000 guilders as per the motion adopted yesterday.

In a previous letter to the Parliament, CBIA already mentioned the excluded issues. Several points left out of the national regulation are first of all the agreement that the government’s proposals on medical costs would be valid for one year, according to CBIA. “During that year a permanent solution must be found for our future medical system and its structural financing. The conclusion after the National Dialogue was that the time required to discuss and calculate all consequences thoroughly was too short and not postpone the implementation of the medical basic insurance.” Secondly, according to agreements new employees in the private sector are to be given the chance to choose between the SVB and private insurers, also if their income is below the previous wage limit. “This at least gives the private insurers the chance to keep their share of the market.” Thirdly, the insurers were promised they no longer needed to offer a basic package comparable with that of the SVB.

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