Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2013

Insurers want consensus with SVB

svb buildingWILLEMSTAD — The private insurers on Curaçao wish to reach consensus with the SVB on the repair legislation for the basic medical insurance (bvz) and will soon discuss this with the board of SVB, the Curaçao and Bonaire Insurance Association (CBIA) reported.

The insurers hope this meeting, whereby several senior officials of the Ministry of Health will be present, will be satisfactory for all parties. Earlier on CBIA announced it disagreed with the process of introducing the basic medical insurance: “As known, during the parliamentary meeting on the National Regulation bvz the last minute submitted and adopted government amendment included points didn’t correspond with the previous agreements made with the stakeholder and interested parties”, the association stated.

CBIA finds it hard to believe the legislator intended to prevent new clients from taking out a private insurance because new private medical insurances cannot be offered as from February 1st 2013. “After all, the bvz is not AZV! The private insurers want to guarantee residents the option of taking out a private insurance without problems”, CBIA stated.


“The basic medical insurance doesn’t offer a free choice.” According to CBIA, the basic medical insurance is not a possibility for some residents because they already have medical insurance, for example abroad. Furthermore, residents with a private medical insurance will automatically fall under this basic medical insurance with an interruption of their private medical insurance, irrespective of their income. “This occurs for example when they switch employers. We trust that also this will be changed in the repair legislation and that these groups can remain private insured if that is their wish.” Finally, to prevent confusion, CBIA hopes the repair legislation will arrange that ‘those not qualifying for the basic medical insurance (for example the private insured) will be reported to the Tax Inspection and not receive a notice to pay premium’.

Source: Dutch Caribbean Business

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