Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2012

Joint statement of Aruba, the Netherlands and Sint Maarten

THE KINGDOM - In a meeting of the Parliament of Curacao has a majority terminated their confidence in the Cabinet Schotte. This majority asked the Governor to appoint a formateur to form an interim government.

This wish has led to acceptance of the resignation of the government of Curacao by the Acting Governor and the swearing in of an interim cabinet under the leadership of Mr. Stanley Betrian.

This outcome of the majority’s wish derives from the constitutional law of Curacao and the rules that apply in a democratic order.

The interim government is awaiting an important task for the coming period. Netherlands, Aruba and St. Maarten express the hope that this interim government, together with parliament can take the necessary steps to guide both the period before the elections and the election itself to go in a properly and orderly manner.

It is noted that it is explicitly an interim government, and that the people of Curacao will be able to vote on October 19 and bring an end to the political situation on Curacao. The newly elected majority in Parliament of Curaçao will then decide which government take s office.

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