Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2018

Labor force survey 2018 starts in Curaçao in early September

Curacao StatisticsWILLEMSTAD - From Saturday, September 1, interviewers from Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in the framework of the Labor Force Survey (AKO) will start to visit households and ask all members questions about their position on the labor market. This research will last until October 26, 2018. The most important results will be available in mid-December this year.

The Labor Force Survey aims to measure the latest development in the Curaçao labor market. This mainly concerns the developments in the unemployment rate (14.1% in 2017), the youth unemployment rate (32.8% in 2017), the size of the working population (62,834 persons in 2017) and the size of the job seeker population (10,313 persons in 2017).

In order to be able to map these and other important labor market data, the cooperation is requested from all households that have fallen into the sample.

CBS is legally obliged to treat all collected data in the strictest confidentiality.

All interviewers have a badge with their personal data/ photo/logo of the CBS and signature of the director. The interviewer is obliged to identify himself at the time of the visit. You can always call CBS to refine whether an investigation is currently in progress and to check the name of the interviewer. The telephone number of the CBS for this is 839 2300.

All households that have fallen into the sample have also received a letter from CBS in advance with an explanation of the research and the statement that an interviewer will come to ask a number of questions to each member of the family.

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