Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Large crowd at Pueblo Soberano’s party congress

WILLEMSTAD – Political party Pueblo Soberano has closed its campaign with a political rally on Plaza Brion last weekend. According to reports the rally attracted a large crowd. It was calculated that around 5000 people attended the party’s congress which is held yearly and coincides with the campaign.

All candidates swore in front of the crowd that the seats in parliament belong to the party and that they will not take them and become independent or join other political parties, as was the case with Dean Rozier (former MFK-member and now independent and also president of parliament) and Eugene Cleopa (former MAN-member and now independent).

Many have voiced that the leader of the political party Pueblo Soberano, Helmin Wiels has become the hope for those living in poverty.

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