Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

Large group of young people unemployed and not studying

unemployment1WILLEMSTAD - There is still a high youth unemployment in Curaçao. 23 percent of young people are unemployed on our island. That is more than twice the general unemployment rate (9.9). This is evidenced by the new publication of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS); The economic status of the population of Curaçao: Census 2011.

The participation of young people is about 40 percent. This indicates that more than half of young people in Curaçao are economically inactive. These are people between fifteen and 24 years old.

A bigger concern is the number of young people that do not work nor study. This is in fact a large group in Curacao and does not contribute to the national income or their own personal development. The NEET rate (Not Employed in Education or Training) is 15.6. This is the sum of the share of young job-seekers in the total number of young people (9.1 percent) and the proportion of non-active, non-school youth in the total number of young people (6.5 percent).

In the Netherlands and Switzerland, this figure is around 5 percent. The number can also be used as a measure of “how good or bad the society is organized in the transition from school to work,” says CBS.

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