Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Lionfish will never disappear from Curacao waters

WILLEMSTAD - It started a few years ago on the West Coast, but now it’s swarming around the whole coast of Curaçao. To really will eradicate them is not possible anymore according to diving instructor and lionfish hunter Hans Pleij. "All we can try to do is keep the population low," he says.

On October 27, 2009, the first lionfish was spotted in the sea at West Point. Within months the devils spread itself across the South Coast and at the end of 2009 this side of the island was dotted with lionfish. Meanwhile, in a short dive or even a snorkel trip a numerous amount of lionfish can be spoted.

Legally spear fishing

The lionfish does not belong in our waters and this makes it so dangerous. The lionfish eats more than 200 fish per day and has no natural enemies. Meanwhile, there are about 70 people on Curaçao who can legally hunt for the lionfish with a spear, but since the lionfish propagates rapidly, this is not nearly enough.

Participate in the hunt

To increase the number of authorized people who can hunt on these devils, a form can now be completed. "Anyone with an ID number can enroll," says Pleij. "With the list we apply for licenses and hope to create a larger group to hunt the lionfish." Anyone who wants to participate can apply for this license.

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