Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2012

Liquidity in Curacao is only 90 million guilders

WILLEMSTAD – The Unions representing government employees were in shock when they were informed about the real financial situation of the island. The Unions have received this information during the discussions surrounding the Christmas bonus of 250 guilders for the civil servants.

ABVO (largest Union representing Government employees) explained that the Unions had presented a counter proposal to the Government when the Secretary of Finance explained the current financial situation of the country. ABVO’s President Wendy Calmes: “Believe me when I say that it is something horrible after I was explained about the liquidity of the Government which is about 90 million guilders. Of this amount, 45 million is blocked by the Central Bank.”

Calmes asks how it is possible that Curacao has gotten itself in such a situation. “Everyone must realize that when they accept a Ministerial position in a country, they have to be very responsible and never tolerate a situation like this,” Calmes declared. The Union leader thinks that the situation can be reversed but that’s not the responsibility of the Unions. It’s the Government’s task as the employer who needs its employees to reach its goals. This is why the Government, according to Calmes, cannot only sacrifice its employees by not giving them the bonus, but must find alternative solutions.

For this reason, the Unions are prepare to talk, but insist that there are certain work conditions that they are not willing to negotiate nor reach any agreements on these issues. One of these issues is the Christmas bonus. According to Calmes, many civil servants use this extra money to do something fun with the family during Christmas season.

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