Published On: Fri, Dec 27th, 2013

Low contraception use in Curacao

contraception_all_methodsWILLEMSTAD - Contraceptive use by women in Curacao is, compared with other islands and countries in the Caribbean, the United States (U.S.), Central America, South America and Europe, lower.

Of the 36 countries surveyed, Curacao is in the seventh place. According to a research conducted by the Public Health Institute Curacao (VIC) and contained in the Theme Report International Comparisons. The results for Curaçao relate to the female population aged 18 to 49 years.

Of the 36 countries, contraceptive use by women is highest in Puerto Rico, where 84.1 percent of women used at least one method of contraception. The lowest contraceptive use was found in Haiti (32 percent).

“In the Caribbean and the U.S., the prevalence of contraception use is highest in Puerto Rico, followed by the U.S. (78.6 percent), Dominican Republic (72.9 percent) and Cuba (72.6 percent). Compared with the islands and countries in this region, the percentage of women who uses at least one method of contraception is in Curacao, after Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago, the lowest,” according to the VIC.

For countries in Central America, the percentage of contraceptive use is highest in Costa Rica (82.2 percent), followed by Nicaragua (72.4 percent). Belize and Guatemala have the lowest rate of contraceptive use.

Of the countries in South America, contraceptive use is higher for women in Brazil (80.3 percent), followed by Paraguay (79.4 percent) and Argentina (78.9 percent). The lowest prevalence is found in Guyana (42.5 percent) and Suriname (45.6 percent).

This, the VIC concludes: “the prevalence of contraceptive use in Curaçao, compared with the countries of South America, is also relatively low. In comparison with European countries Curaçao has the lowest prevalence of contraceptive use. Curacao is followed herein by Bulgaria (63.4 percent).”

Source: Antilliaans Dagblad

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