Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2016

Management Letter: “InselAir in challenging times”

InselAirWILLEMSTAD – Customers who have recently made use of InselAir services have possible experienced delays and, in some situations, flight cancellation. InselAir acknowledges the problems and offers their sincere apologies to those who have, in one way or another, been affected. We understand the frustrations and the inconveniences that this has caused.

Provision of information

A common complaint is our lack of information and unsatisfactory handling of complaints from affected travelers. Management emphasizes that InselAir has the absolute intent to provide considerable better service than we currently offer to our customers. However, the allegations that InselAir has not given enough attention to the wellbeing of our customers are something that we take to heart. We would like to further explain the situation.

Financial pressure on our organization

The reality is that InselAir currently suffers from an extremely challenging cash flow situation, as a result of a claim of over 100 million dollars in neighboring country, Venezuela. For more than six years, Venezuela has been a crucial market for the existence of InselAir. It is a market to which we partly have to say farewell because of this large outstanding debt. To keep our company solid in the future, we have reduced the market share of 34 percent to less than 4 percent and at the same time, we see completion with alternative vital routes in the region. This is to keep InselAir organization and infrastructure at the same level and to guarantee the employment of our 750 staff. Still, the outstanding financial statement from Venezuela weighs heavily on our organization and we anticipate it as being a great financial challenge.

Important players

In the regional aircraft industry, InselAir is a humble player. Despite the outstanding payment of Venezuela, we have managed to stay afloat, which is something we can be proud of. We do not do this alone. We are very grateful that our suppliers, the government of Curaçao and our staff join forces with us each day to take up the challenge of getting out of this problematic situation.

Respect for our staff

Management is aware of the enormous efforts that InselAir staff must contribute each day under the current difficult circumstances. We appreciate their commitment and trust. They are doing everything within their means during this temporary, unpleasant situation. We can only ask our customers for their understanding and patience during this time.

No compromises on safety

Safety is the number one priority in our business. Unsafe conditions must be prevented. Any delays that hereby result are due to security policy and are independent of other situations.

Working toward better communication

With that said, we recognize that the provision of information and safety must not depend on financial developments. We are also well aware of the fact that this must absolutely be improved. Providing accurate and prompt information is our top priority, while we do everything within our power behind the scenes to get InselAir through this difficult period. We have long been in conversation with strategic partners, e.g. for a renewal of the fleet, thereby creating a solid future for InselAir. In the short term, there is also a reorientation of the InselAir flight schedule on the agenda.

InselAir faces great challenges in the period ahead and hopes to be able to count on your support. In the short term, we are doing everything possible to bring our services to the competitive level that our passengers expect of us. With this, we are committed to providing our passengers with as few interruptions as possible.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Regarding the future we can only say:
‘We will continue our efforts to reach higher’.

With kind regards,

InselAir International BV Management

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