Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Marshall: ‘Sales tax change favorable for consumers’

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD – According to the director of the Consumer Foundation (Fundashon pa Konsumido (FPK) Marc Marshall, the adopted bill by Parliament on Friday amending the sales tax is good news for the consumers in Curacao.

He stressed that there are many products that are good for our health, such as fruit and vegetables, and all basic necessities which the sales tax will be reduced from 6 to 0 percent . That's good news, according to Marshall, because a lot of products fall under the category which goes from six to zero percent. ,, In a normal situation, a consumer should definitely notice this in his daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping."

Marshall explains: “The government wants to introduce a differentiation in our sales tax-system. Products that can be considered luxury, such as yachts, goes from 6 to 9 percent, as products that can be considered as bad for our health, such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. In contrast, sales tax disappears on healthy products.”

The FPK will display the transparent effects, Marshall promises. ” We’ve been keeping the price development for some time now. But now we will do price comparisons on more frequent basis, we will also publish these. We will also provide insight into price developments through time. And then, in a little while if everything goes well, the people will see that certainly the products which have gone from six to zero percent sales tax have actually become cheaper.”

During the hearing in parliament last Friday, Minister Jose Jardim Finance stressed that there is an important role for the Consumer Foundation. This organization should also cooperate with the economic inspection of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tax Accountants Foundation (SBAB).

Marshall: “They are the ones who should monitor the implementation of the sales tax. Together with our price comparisons we make a plan to ensure that price development more transparent for consumers. In addition, according to Minister Jardim, more funds will be available for the Consumer Foundation. "

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