Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2013

Maximum penalty for Bullenbaai oil spill is 5000 guilders

BullenbaaiWILLEMSTAD - Following the oil spill on Friday, the Port Security Inspectorate (HVI) started an internal investigation. The findings will be sent to the Public Prosecutor (OM). The operator of the Isla refinery, PdVSA, reported the leak on last week Friday.

The HVI informed last weekend that their research performed by the COT definitively showed that the leak came from the terminal. PDVSA has also admitted and reported the same findings. The Venezuelan company has also ordered in investigation. It is not known yet how much oil was spilled.

5000 guilders

Should the OM impose a fine on PdVSA in the wake of this spill, then the amount will not be more than 5000 guilders ($2850). This is because Curacao applies an outdated law, namely the Port Regulations of 1936, the maximum fine that can be imposed by the OM is only 5,000 guilders.

Third leak

This is the third leak in one year. The first time that oil was leaked was in August 17 last year. The area Jan Kok was then hit hard, as the bay at 'Boca St. Marie' was not closed. The second time that a visible amount of oil was leaked at Bullenbaai was on November 7, 2012, even when there were investigations concerning the first oil leak.

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