Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Medical institutions against AVBZ as fluctuation fund

WILLEMSTAD — The Institute Federation of Medical Institutions (the Federation) is of the opinion that the AVBZ-fund, which the Social Security Bank (SVB) is to take over according to the government’s plans, should remain an independent fund. According to the Federation, bundling the means from the AVBZ-fund with the other SVB-funds will have disastrous consequences for the most financially weak in our society. The fund will be used to cover deficits of other funds, such as the AOV-fund and the ZV-fund. In May 2012 the Federation deliberated with the then Parliamentary Committee for Public Health. The latter had supported the Federation’s point of view. According to the medical institutions, the AVBZ-fund is unjustly considered a rich fund. The reserves built up within the AVBZ-fund have a special purpose. “The money built up in the past is the so-called ‘ageing reserve’ and is now urgently needed to meet the increasing demand for nursing and medical care”, according to the Federation in a press report.

The medical institutions in the elderly care and the domestic care are coping with considerable financial deficits. Several facilities will close if the deficits are not supplemented in the short term. The Federation therefore demands that all existing obligations from BZV with the medical institutions must be kept. The medical institutions further argued for adjustment of the rates in the mental health care. These haven’t been adjusted since 2000, while the costs for health care have increased yearly as well as the number of patients. According to the Federation, the handicapped care has long waiting lists. “Moreover, practice shows there are many people who qualify for AVBZ-care – according to the law – but are not given this care because the access to the fund wasn’t arranged properly”, said the Federation.

The Federation further stated that the fund has made few investments in new living facilities to-date, while these monies were built up for this purpose. “The investment plans from the BZV, which were drawn up several years ago, were never implemented. The leeway in building nursing and old people’s homes in particular, where traditionally many elderly reside, is therefore considerable. Clearing overdue maintenance and new development is necessary in order to meet the current and future demand for adequate housing. Good agreements were made with the current management of the BZV in the past months and the implementation of such must continue”, said the Federation.

The Federation now has the strong impression that all plans focusing on a new health care system actually don’t consider the weakest people. The Federation appeals to both BZV and the government to invest more from the AVBZ-fund in clearing the leeway and offer this care in the future to all who are entitled according to the law. Members of the Federation are: the SGR-group, Institute Birgen di Rosario, Institute Nursing Homes Betèsda, Institute White Yellow Cross, Institute Domestic Care Banda’Abou, Institute GGz Curaçao, Institute PSI, Fundashon Mariadal and Fundashon pa Maneho di Adikshon.

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