Published On: Wed, Oct 24th, 2012

MFK and MAN ready and are waiting on PS

WILLEMSTAD – Both political parties MFK and MAN are ready to sign the availability agreement to form a new government of Curacao, they are waiting for PS.

According to reports, both MFK and MAN leaders are ready to sign the agreement and to form the same coalition as before.  MFK has also proposed another formateur which has to work together with Mr. Glenn Camelia who was appointed by PS. MFK proposes two formateurs to guide the formation process in which a new government has to be formed. MAN is of the same opinion as MFK and they suggest two more persons next to Mr. Camelia.

PS has not reacted on this agreement request as yet and there are rumors that there is a lot of discontent about the fact that the PS leader has not signed the agreement. According certain reports, the PS leader has made different comments of which he has to detract from in order to join with certain political parties. His followers do not agree with him.

The PS-leader wants to know what the intentions and desires are from MAN and MFK before starting negotiations to form a government. Correspondence between the leaders is going through letters and e-mail. Formation is now in the hands of Pueblo Soberano and his leader. He has to decide if he wants to maintain the former coalition or move into another direction.

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