Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2013

Migrants don’t have good access to medical care

HospitalWILLEMSTAD – Initiatives such as the Basic Health Insurance (BVZ) makes being referred to a medical specialist almost impossible for undocumented migrants (illegal residents in Curacao).

Access to good care is not very well for migrants. At the same time it should be noted that "good care" is not well defined. “For nobody. Definitions should be clear”, as suggested by Jeroen Jansen of the Ministry of Social Development, Labour and Welfare (SOAW) in a recent presentation which focused on the position of undocumented children. His presentation was a report held during a roundtable discussions with professionals in the field.

He pleaded, after the abovementioned conclusion on access to health care, for a supporting policy for undocumented workers next to a basic policy for everyone.  “That's not a 'pull factor' but a necessity. One solution is for example to set up a fund to cover the costs for undocumented migrants,” Jansen said.

Certain syndromes are more common among migrants according to him such as hepatitis with Jamaicans, tuberculosis (TBC) with Chinese and HIV with Dominicans. Jansen: “We should look directly to that.” He argues for the introduction of intercultural care.

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