Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2012

Minister Adriaens confirms technical problem in aviation

WILLEMSTAD – For Minister Adriaens responsible for Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, it’s a mystery who is actually responsible for the “flight plans”, which at this moment is not clear and is not being done the way it is suppose to be. This is a problem which is hurting Curacao’s aviation.

The Minister confirms to the local newspaper Extra that this is a technical problem but it is absolutely no risk for the passengers. The flight plan is necessary and mandatory in the civil aviation world. It determines exactly in which aero space the aircraft will fly and where it will land.

“I have asked for an investigation to determine who is finally responsible, because in the actual situation we cannot point fingers to anyone or any department in charge of the flight plans,” the Minister stated. “I have investigated every actor involved, e.g. civil aviation, Air Traffic and also Insel Air, but there must be more clarity in this situation. I want to emphasize that there is no danger for the passengers. Besides guaranteeing the safety of the passengers, the Minister confirms that the only problem this causes is the delay of several flights.

“This week I have a meeting with all local airlines and I will bring this for discussion,” the Minister declares. Adriaens reiterates once again that it is not clear who is responsible for the flight plans.

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