Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Minister Camelia-Römer: “It’s a shame that MPs do not know the Constitution!”

Camelia-RomerWILLEMSTAD – Minister Suzanne Camelia-Römer believes that it is a shame that those who are supposed to know better are acting the way they do, referring to the Members of Parliament that know that they are acting against the Constitution.

Camelia-Römer explained last night during the press conference that there is constant criticism towards the Governor, but the Governor signs only after her legal councilors have studied all the documents. “We must remember that we live in a democracy where a majority decides but we have laws. We must obey the rule of law,” said the Minister.

“Every time we get the question whether parliament is above the government.” The Minister explained that this is not the case because Curaçao has a dualistic system. This means that a government can dissolve a parliament. This has to do with the trias politica, three powers each with their own power.

That is why it is incorrect for a Member of Parliament to think that he or she can sit on a Minister’s chair and manage a ministry.

The Governor just signs and if she thinks that there is something against the law, she can send the document to the Kingdom Council of Ministers for them to see what she has to sign.  But the Governor does not have any powers.

Camelia-Römer explained that the group of eleven started a government formation process but they had to sign the process to support a government first. And it all starts with the Governor.

“That is how our democracy works!”

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