Published On: Mon, May 25th, 2015

Mirador roof will be re-adjusted

MiradorWILLEMSTAD - Due to the very windy circumstances on the Mirador hill at Curaçao International Airport, a roof top made of canvas-material was chosen which is more suitable for the area’s circumstances and is safe. Curaçao Airport Partners has taken note of the material loosening at certain points, and along with the architect and contractor are taking steps to re-adjust the roof.

Allegation that the Mirador was built with Community Money
CAP has learned of incorrect information circulating, indicating that the Mirador was built with ‘community money’, this is not true. CAP is investing $36 million dollars in airport development projects over the next few years and one of the projects is the enhancement of the public’s viewing area reminiscent of the Mirador in the past. CAP recognizes the historic importance of the Mirador when it comes to the emotional and social experience at the airport and thus dedicated the Mirador to the people of Curaçao. What was first a sandy area where a few cars were able to park, is now a comfortable spacious area with spectacular views of arriving and departing airplanes, protection against the sun and 18 parking spaces including 2 for the disabled.

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