Published On: Fri, Oct 9th, 2015

Mobile services are experiencing problems with interference

BT&PWILLEMSTAD – In the last three weeks the mobile telecommunications companies Digicel and UTS/Setel have been experiencing problems with a signal which probably comes from Venezuela. Inspectors from the Office Telecommunications and Post (BT&P), in close collaboration with the experts of UTS/Setel and Digicel, are taking measurements to try to locate the source of interference. For this reason, last weekend, BT&P, together with experts from Ericsson, took measurements, which showed that this signal is present especially in the south coast of Curaçao.

BT&P contacted the Venezuelan regulatory body Conatel, which should ensure the frequencies and powers that various telecommunication companies have on their territory. Currently, the BT&P is awaiting a response from Conatel.

This kind of radio signals may be affected by the weather. In recent days, the humidity level above the sea is particularly high, so that the radio waves could have had a longer range than under normal circumstances. This failure usually occurs in the afternoon. The explanation could be that the propagation of these waves is influenced by the higher temperature.

BT&P, in cooperation with the said companies, will continue to monitor the situation in order to reach a final solution.

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