Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2018

Money problems Animal protection: asylum animals are given away for free

animal shelterWILLEMSTAD - At the animal shelter in Parera they are giving away puppies and cats for free these weeks. The Animal Protection Foundation is struggling with money problems and overcrowding.

“We have room for a maximum of 60 dogs, but we now have more than 100 walking around,”says Board Chairman Gregory Berry.

The foundation hopes to prevent the closure of the asylum because if many people choose a dog or cat, the costs will be lower. A dog normally costs 135 guilders but is now available for free.

Berry wants to tackle the overpopulation of the dogs in Curaçao much more powerfully: “I want to take to the streets and strategically go to the neighborhoods to do sterilization. Sterilizing 100 dogs once is no use. The dogs continue with pairs and get six to nine puppies. Sterilization has to be done on a continuous basis, we want to commit ourselves to that.”

“With an animal shelter you catch a problem, but it is not a structural solution. We are now looking for sponsors for our sterilization project,” said Berry

Until what date the animals can be picked up for free is not clear yet. That depends on the number of adoptions in the coming period.

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