Published On: Thu, Sep 6th, 2012

More opportunities for citizen participation in government

WILLEMSTAD -  The Government of Curacao will give the population more opportunities to participate in government. For this reason, Minister Carlos Trinidad (Government Services) will launch the project 'Partisipashon di Siudadano "(Citizen Participation) on August 30.

According to the Department of Management, Planning and Services, all citizens have the right to express their views about what is happening in the governance of their island. "A community should have the opportunity to influence the effects of the policies of its government. There should be the possibility to participate in decision making at all levels. A citizen should, for example, have the opportunity to participate in the changes taking place around him".

MTC Services (Management Training & Consultancy Services Inc.) was selected through a public tender to carry out this project. The project has a form for the implementation of government policies in which citizens are directly and indirectly involved in order to get cooperation in the development, implementation and evaluation of the effects of government policy. The main task of this project is to bridge the communication to strengthen and gain trust between society and government. "Our citizens should have the opportunity to say anything against the government and vice versa, how they can help each other to improve living standards in Curaçao," the ministry said.

Through a survey three pilot projects will be chosen which the government now has that have to do with citizen participation. Of these projects, the policy officers are trained in how to consult citizens, inform and involve them in the project. Another important part of the project is, during the journey to convince citizens to participate and to give them confidence that it is useful to take part in the process of citizen participation.

Citizens can participate over the internet (chat, email, social network) or directly from sessions in various neighborhood. "It is not only participation but also the confidence to convey that something is done with the information, suggestions, opinions that citizens have," says the Ministry. "It must also be seen what happens with the opinion that a citizen has given."

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