Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

More recycling on Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – The figures from environment and recycling company Green Force on the past year show a considerable increase in the recycling of tins, plastic bottles and foil. In 2012 the company recycled 388,000 tins, which are 100,000 more than the previous year. “Green Force has had another successful year”, said owner Timo Brouwer. “In 2010 (when we founded the company) we collected 73,000 tins and 158,000 in 2011. Green Force recycled 388,000 aluminum tins last year”, said Brouwer, who locks back with satisfaction. “This is very important for the future development of Curaçao, combating the warming up of the earth and the pollution of air, earth and water.” In 2012 Green Force expanded by starting to collect PET plastic bottles. “The several pilots on the island are a success so far.” PET stands for Polyethylene, plastic type number 1. “In principle this includes all transparent white, blue, green and brown plastic (drinking) bottles. Approximately 280,000 plastic bottles were recycled last year. These bottles are no longer brought to the landfill and will no longer pollute the environment of Curaçao for the coming 450 years. It namely takes many years for plastic bottles to decay because they aren’t biodegradable”, said Brouwer.

Plastic foil

Green Force also started collecting plastic foil last year. Brower explained that most of the products consumed on Curaçao are imported on pallets. “These pallets are often wrapped in plastic foil, or plastic type 4, also named LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

Several companies, including supermarkets, importers and beverage producers, approached Green Force to have this environment-polluting material recycled, and with success. A lot of the material has been collected and is ready to be exported and recycled. Green Force has already collected 25,400 kilos of this material which will be sent abroad for processing and recycling”, said Brouwer. “This type of plastic can pollute the environment for 250 years. “Green Force thanks all consumers who make use of the recycling bins and all companies participating with the recycling programs.”

Green Force was founded in 2010 and made recycling programs to collect aluminum tins.

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