Published On: Thu, Oct 16th, 2014

More than 40 shopping units in Punda are empty

PundaWILLEMSTAD – Various media reported about a serious issue concerning downtown Willemstad. While outside downtown people are building shopping centers, Punda and Otrabanda are seeing a decline in available stores. These are stores that have closed their doors because there is not enough business in downtown.

There are in Punda about 40 shopping units that are either for rent or just empty. This is not counting all the alleys in this part of Willemstad.

The Heerenstraat is basically the only street where there are no empty shopping units. The area that has the most problems is Pietermaai Parking & Mall. Here you can see an empty street. All stores have a for rent sign. Many stores that have opened their doors in this mall were obligated to close again just because there is not enough business in this area.

Otrabanda also has empty store units, but the problem is less critical compared to Punda. Otrabanda has a total of 16 empty units.

Once again it is sad to see how many shopping centers and stores are opening outside of downtown and little by little the historic area of Punda and Otrabanda are becoming ghost towns.

It is time for the government to do something about this. One can’t even imagine what will happen when the shopping mall Sambil opens its doors next year.

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