Published On: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

MOU AirBnB – Where are we today?

hotel roomWILLEMSTAD - In January of 2017, the government of Curaçao signed an agreement with AirBnB for the collection of taxes. 7 Months later the sector is still pending to receive an update on what the actual agreement is and if this has been implemented. All destinations around the globe are focusing on these types of agreements and introduction of regulation to stimulate a level playing field and participation of all. Currently we have about +/-15.000 visitors making use of the AirBnB platform when booking Curaçao. Despite AirBnB tax agreement not being the only solution to a level playing field, it is considered a good start.

Contributing to the greater good and benefit of all

Most hotels throughout the region and in this case Curaçao voluntarily support the marketing, airlift development, education and training, infrastructure and product development needs of the destination - financially, in-kind, and by volunteering with their expertise. This is typically done through non-profit associations like CHATA, Enhancement/Beautification Funds, Promotion and or Tourist Boards. Often these efforts are leveraged with public sector funds and resources. It is important to note that these collective efforts benefit the overall destination and all businesses, whether one is a contributing company or not. Therefore CHATA advocates that the sharing economy host platforms and hosts also “share” in the organized efforts to support the marketing, product development, and local advocacy efforts within the destinations by contributing through the payment of their taxes.

In this analysis CHATA used an example of the Alternative accommodation sector, but this is also relevant and important for other sectors such as the Car Rental industry.

Moving Forward?

CHATA has sent a letter to the Minister of Finance urging his attention to this matter and to provide the Minister with its assistance with the development of a level playing field for all accommodations. It should be a priority for government and not only the tourism industry. CHATA firmly believes that it is time to invest and take the necessary actions to stimulate a level playing field which benefits the greater good and benefit of all.

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