Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2013

Movember Curaçao focuses on Father’s Day

movemberWILLEMSTAD - The Movember Curaçao movement would like to call all children and mothers, on father’s day, to inform all the fathers about Movember. Movember is an annual event during the month November, where the health issues of the man and in particular prostate cancer will be the center of attention. Participation means starting the month clean shaved and to let grow a mustache during the month. Participants will be supported by receiving donations, which will be used for prostate cancer research.

The Movember movement emphasizes the importance of all men being aware of their health, the level of risk they face and the seriousness of the issue, and all men are encouraged to do a health check on a regular basis. Besides sports, there is not much known about the prevention of prostate cancer. Movember Curaçao would like to ask children and mothers who celebrate father’s day to motivate the fathers to play sports together, surprise them with new sports equipment or just get them to be more active. Movember Curaçao thinks father’s day is one of the most appropriate times to create awareness with laughter.

As the official Movember organization is not yet active in Curaçao, an initiative rose from individual Mo Bros and Mo Sistas setting up a Movember Curaçao movement. If the official Movember organization takes note of the developments on Curaçao and increasing number of participants, they will start focusing on Curaçao. This year Movember Curaçao would like to work towards a partnership deal with an organization/ foundation in Curaçao where the donations can be transferred to. That way the funds will stay on Curaçao and will be used for prostate cancer education here on the island. Movember Curaçao would like to ask all the children and mothers to register the fathers in their lives via the Facebook page or send an email to There will be much more information and activity during the month of Movember (which most people call “November”).

Of course any help and ideas are more than welcome, and can be sent to the same email address. Next to the above there is also the possibility to register at the official website of Movember, where donations can be received. Those donations will be distributed to the Movember pre-selected collaborating organizations, which may vary per participating country.

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