Published On: Thu, Oct 4th, 2012

National discourse Prime Minister Stanley Betrian

WILLEMSTAD – On October 4, 2012 Prime Minister Stanley Betrian gave a national discourse to announce the course outlined by the government to comply with the assignments given by the Governor of Curacao.

The Prime Minister started his discourse by emphasizing the fact that there will be elections on October 19 and that the government is doing its utmost to ensure a swift democratic process to enable the people of Curacao to elect their representatives.

The Prime Minister continued his discourse by introducing his government. There are four ministers namely Stanley Betrian, Jose Jardim, Cornelis “Chucho” Smits and Stanley Bodok. Mr. Betrian reiterated that they are professionals who are capable of dealing with the difficult situation Curacao is in and which is worrisome to all the people of the island.

Betrian also corrected the notion that this government was appointed to judge the former government. “On the contrary”, Betrian says, “We would like to show our gratitude to former prime minister Gerrit Schotte for the job he has done since October 10, 2010 till September 29, 2012. Unfortunately, the change of power did not go in the desired manner”, Betrian stressed.

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