Published On: Tue, Jul 4th, 2017

New Attorney General had some issues in the past

Roger Bos PG 05WILLEMSTAD - The new Attorney General Roger Bos indeed had some issues in the past and does not have an unblemished record as the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) would want everyone to believe.

That's what court reporter Marco van Kampen says in the Dutch newspaper De Limburger in response to the appointment of Bos in Curaçao. “It could just be that Bos is being promoted away to Curacao now the chance has presented itself,” said Van Kampen. He has experienced Bos for five and a half years as a court reporter when Bos as the chief officer led the Limburg Prosecution.

Bos has a comprehensive background as a prosecutor and deputy chief officer and has served as chief justice officer of the Prosecution Council since 2012. There he faced a reorganization in which he had to make tough decisions, and he, as straight as he is, was also able to do it. That caused internal turmoil, according to Van Kampen.

Bos became part of a scandal when he himself was the subject of an integrity investigation, the first of its kind. The Research Council of Integrity and Government examined whether there was a culture of fear and settlement at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Limburg. Bos and the prosecution management were investigated.

The OM Curacao criticizes the press that no attention is paid to the results of that investigation which would show that Bos had an impeccable behavior.

Court reporter Van Kampen says that the investigation showed that there was no widespread culture of fear and settlement within the OM, but that some of the employees were hampered by this. The leadership wanted to exercise too much control.

The recommendations in the report are being implemented at this time.

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