Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2018

New Hospital Otrabanda signs collaboration agreement with Erasmus MC

HNO_ErasmusWILLEMSTAD - Hospital Nobo Otrobanda Transition and Exploitation N.V. (HNO TE), the new hospital and the University Hospital in Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC), signed a letter of intent which should lead to a cooperation agreement. With this HNO TE will receive support and advice from Erasmus MC.

In January of this year, Dr. Franke Scheper, mr. Stanley Betrian (MRT) and Gilbert Martina had their first meeting with Erasmus MC in the context of HNO TE. At that time Erasmus MC was fully engaged in the preparations for moving to the new building in Rotterdam, which was successfully completed in May 2018, including the relocation of all patients without calamities. Erasmus MC is the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands.

HNO TE is charged with the transition to the new hospital in Curaçao and approached Erasmus MC for expert support in that process. In addition to their expertise and experience with this, Erasmus MC also wants to support the Governance and the management model, the design of the financial function, the general support services (AOD), the medical support services (MOD) and the organization of the care processes, quality and security, and implementation of HiX (ChipSoft).

HiX is the software that will be used in the new hospital for tracking patient information by means of an electronic patient record. Doctors and other care providers will also be linked to HiX in the near future. As a result, all patient data will be available digitally and centrally to ensure more efficient patient care.

HNO TE wants to continue the collaboration with Erasmus MC after the transition to the new building; this with a view to the further development of HNO as a general hospital of Curaçao with a number of top clinical functions.

Erasmus MC sees the letter of intent with HNO as well as the cooperation with the St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) and the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) as a pillar in terms of socially responsible entrepreneurship to help the other countries within the Dutch Kingdom. The collaboration should lead to continuity and increased quality of care in Curaçao and will provide access to excellent academic care for the medical residents at Erasmus MC in the Netherlands.

The letter of intent was signed by Prof. dr. Dr. E.J. Kuipers, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erasmus MC and Drs. ing. Gilbert Martina MBA, Managing Director HNO TE. Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, Minister Suzanne 'Suzy' Camelia-Römer and Sector Director Health, Dr. ir. Irving Keli were present as a witness. The ceremony took place at House of Change (HoC) - the building at Colon Shopping Center from where the transition work to a new hospital takes place.

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