Published On: Tue, Nov 6th, 2012

New phase in government formation

Pueblo Soberano, PAIS and PNP will sign a “declaration on joint effort.”

WILLEMSTAD - While MAN has sent a second letter to Pueblo Soberano (PS) and MFK to request negotiations, PS, PAIS and PNP are signing today a “declaration of joint effort. "

Late last night, the three parties informed the informateur Glenn Camelia that they agree with the declaration. Today the party leaders Helmin Wiels (PS), Alex Rosaria (PAIS) and Humphrey Davelaar (PNP) will sign the document.

This will happen in the morning, but the exact time is not yet known. Davelaar: “This declaration states that we will attempt to meet, using these ten seats, to form a larger majority in parliament. "PS (5), PAIS (4) and PNP (1) together have 10 seats, it is not enough to for a majority in the parliament.

Furthermore, the declaration states that the parties stand for high integrity commitment and dedication, that the display of respect for each other is a requirement and that the people who are eligible for a  portfolio also have the necessary knowledge to get started as minister.

“On Sunday we spoke with the informateur about this declaration, but also on the different problems and challenges that our country is facing”, said PS leader Wiels last night. The three parties seem to be on the same line. Wiels, nor Rosaria nor Davelaar wants to exhaust themselves about a possible fourth party, but all three informed the informateur that they will think about this. Davelaar: “Anyone who wants to join is welcome to do so. The point is that Curacao needs a new government who can gets to work as soon as possible. The fourth party must accept all conditions stated in the declaration.

One possible option is MAN, which gained two seats in the elections on October 19. Cooper seems however, adamant about maintaining a possible coalition with the MFK. The MFK with its five seats is an option as a fourth party with PS, PAIS and PNP.

A collaboration with PAR (4 seats) finally formally belongs also to the options, but considering all criticism of Pueblo Soberano to PAR, this seems the least likely option.

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