Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2013

New road works started

Road worksWILLEMSTAD - A series of roads in Curaçao will be repaved. That says Minister Earl Balborda of Transport. The road works started last week and are part of the mega project 'catching up’. The maintenance work will take about twelve weeks.

The roads are:

  • Seru Fortunaweg phase 1, Winston Churchillweg, Astbestweg
  • Cas Coraweg phase 1 till the crossing with the Santa Catharinaweg
  • Lagoweg
  • Juan Hatoweg
  • Caboverdeweg

Road which already started and are still ongoing:

  • Kaminda Laurentius Mathilda
  • Cash Kaminda Grandi
  • Vondelstraat (Brievengat)
  • Commandeursweg
  • Mercuriusstraat phase 2
  • Perseusweg end stage
  • Road to Wespunt phase 2

Traffic is diverted during the road works.

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